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What do workers' compensation benefits actually cover?

Suffering an injury at work is more than an inconvenience. It affects your financial well-being and is a direct threat to the future of your career. You know that is it is critical to receive medical care and compensation for your accident-related losses, but actually securing those benefits can be a long and arduous process. 

You may know that you have the right to workers' compensation benefits after a Nebraska work accident, but you may need to familiarize yourself with what that means. Knowing your rights is the first step toward ensuring your full protection, and arming yourself with the right information can help you in your fight for the benefits you need.

Do these things to work more safely in the heat

Do you find yourself working in hot conditions on a regular basis? This can happen indoors or out, so you need to be careful at all times.

It's never a good idea to push yourself past your limit when working in the heat. Doing so can result in a variety of health problems, including but not limited to heat stroke.

Do you know how to work safely in wet weather?

Depending on your profession, there could come a point when you find yourself working in wet weather. While there is nothing wrong with working in the rain – especially if your job calls for it – there are things you need to do in order to remain safe.

Here are some of the most common safety practices for working in wet conditions:

  • Plan ahead to ensure that you have the proper equipment
  • Minimize slipping hazards, such as by making sure the treads are in good condition on all ladders and steps
  • Be sure to keep all electrical components away from the water
  • Minimize work that needs to be completed at height
  • Be extra careful when driving, as vehicles may not be able to get good traction
  • Setup temporary shelters, as these can help keep tools dry
  • Don't work in trenches if the wet weather has increased the likelihood of a collapse
  • Seek shelter if lightning is in the area
  • Beware of high winds that often accompany heavy rain

An industrial accident can keep you out of work

Do you work in an industrial setting? Are you familiar with the risks associated with this line of work? Even if you know that you are in harm's way from time to time, there is only so much you can do to keep yourself safe.

Depending on the type, an industrial accident can lead to serious injury or even death. There are many examples of industrial accidents, such as a ladder fall or being struck by a moving vehicle. Chemical exposure that leads to illness can also be considered an industrial accident.

Hip dislocation: complications, recovery time, and more

Not only is a hip dislocation extremely painful, but this can make it extremely difficult to walk. In the event of nerve damage, it's possible that you may not have any feeling below your hip.

There are many causes of hip dislocation, some of which can come about through your employment. For example, a motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause a hip dislocation. The same holds true with a fall from height, such as from scaffolding or a ladder.

3 reasons your workers' comp claim could face denial

Your line of work may place you in a position in which you face serious safety or health risks. Though you may follow all the implemented precautionary measures, your employer could possibly have overlooked a necessary safety step or failed to provide you with adequate safety gear. On the other hand, you may have simply ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and as a result, you may have found yourself involved in a serious work-related accident.

This type of accident may have led to your suffering a serious injury. Though you may worry about your recovery, you may have felt more at ease financially after filing a claim for workers' compensation. However, that relief could have only been momentary if you received a denied claim.

Workers’ compensation permanent disability benefits

Nobody wants to suffer an on the job injury, but many workers find themselves in this position every year. If you are one of them, you need to focus most your time and energy on your health and well being.

There is a big difference between an injury that causes a temporary disability and one that leaves you permanently disabled.

A construction accident can cause many injuries

As a construction worker, it goes without saying that you are familiar with the many risks associated with your employment. This doesn't mean that you will suffer an injury at some point in the future, but it could happen.

It's important to be prepared for anything that could come your way. Here are some of the injuries that can be caused by a construction accident:

Seek the medical benefits you deserve

Although you do whatever you can to avoid an on-the-job injury, there could come a time when you find yourself in this unenviable position.

Your health is more important than anything else, so don't hesitate to receive medical treatment immediately following your accident. You should also stay in close contact with your medical team to ensure that you're making all the right decisions in regards to your treatment.

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