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Prevent your workers’ compensation claim from being denied

You hope that you are never injured on the job, but if this does happen, you need to know your legal rights. For many people, this means the right to file a claim for workers' compensation benefits.

While you hope that your claim is immediately approved, you know that this may not be the way things work out. You should do your best to prevent a denial, which starts with knowing which steps to take.

Hurt at work? Know your right to certain types of rehabilitation.

Work accidents can leave victims with a host of complex and painful injuries. For some Nebraska workers, it is possible to recover and return to work after a certain amount of time and proper medical care. However, it may not be so easy for you. You may find that because of your injuries and new limitations, you are unable to return to the same job as you had before your accident.

If you cannot go back to your old job, you have certain options. You still have the right to earn a living and support your family, but you may have to make some adjustments. One of your worker's compensation benefits could be vocational retraining, which could help you find alternate employment.

What are the most common symptoms of a knee injury?

Any type of knee injury, regardless of the cause or extent, can cause both pain and discomfort.

As a worker in a fast paced industry, such as construction, you know that you could suffer a variety of injuries when you least expect it. A knee injury is serious, as this can make it difficult for you to do your job and get around outside of work.

What are the common causes of a bulging disc?

It may not sound like the most serious injury, but a bulging disc has a way of putting you on the shelf for quite some time. Even worse is the fact that this may call for an aggressive treatment strategy, which could be accompanied by surgery.

Since you never want to suffer from a bulging disc, it's important to become familiar with the most common causes. The knowledge you gather could go a long way in helping you avoid trouble.

What are the symptoms of frostbite?

As one of our Nebraska readers, you know that spending time outdoors during the winter months typically means enduring cold temperatures.

While there is nothing wrong with going outdoors when it's cold, especially to do your job, there's something to remember: frostbite is very real.

What types of work injuries can cause neck pain?

There are many common causes of neck pain, all of which you need to be aware of as you work your job.

Even a minor neck injury, one that you think you can fight through, can lead to a serious situation in the future. This is why it's so important to receive the proper diagnosis and treatment if you suffer any type of injury.

Protect your back -- listen to what your body tells you

Are you one of the thousands of workers in Nebraska who suffers from chronic back pain? It is not easy to concentrate on your job while dealing with constant dull back pain or stabbing sharp pains. Although back problems can develop in any occupation, industries such as manufacturing, construction and nursing place considerable demands on employees' backs.

If your job includes manual materials handling that requires you to lift, place, carry, hold and lower objects, you will be susceptible to back injuries. Other causes include repetitive motions that involve the rotation or twisting of your spine and inactivity, which can be equally dangerous. If you spend your work days sitting behind a desk in an inappropriate chair with no back support, you will likely end up with chronic back pain.

On-the-job foot injuries are common and costly

Depending on your profession, it's possible that you could suffer a serious foot injury at some point. This is why it's so important to keep this part of your body protected at all times.

Occupational Health & Safety shares a variety of statistics related to foot injuries, all of which will open your eyes as to the importance of protection:

  • Every year, more than 60,000 foot injuries lead to lost work days
  • Approximately 75 percent of injuries occurred on the job when workers were not in compliance
  • The average cost of a day of work lost to a foot injury is nearly $10,000
  • Eighty percent of injuries are the result of an object weighing 30 pounds or less impacting the foot

Injured truck drivers may be entitled to workers’ compensation

As a commercial truck driver, you are faced with physical demands on a daily basis. Injuries can result from many circumstances, such as an accident with another vehicle, unloading cargo or even slipping and falling when exiting or entering the cab.

Truck drivers should also be aware of the many occupational injuries that can develop over time, such as back and neck pain.

A knee or shoulder injury could require detailed medical care

Regardless of your profession, there is always a chance that you could suffer an on-the-job injury. While some injuries are more serious than others, each and every type should be examined by a medical professional.

A knee or shoulder injury could require detailed and long-term medical care. Furthermore, this type of injury could keep you out of work for an extended period of time.

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