Forklift Accidents

Forklift accident impact tens of thousands of workers each year, resulting in serious and potentially life-threatening injuries.

Forklifts are an important piece of machinery for workers in a variety of occupations. These vehicles aid in moving large objects, getting at hard-to-reach places, and carrying heavy materials. They take the proper degree of maintenance and skill on the part of the operator to perform safely. Without safety measures in place, forklift accidents can occur and often result in serious and potentially life-threatening worker injuries.

How Forklift Accidents Happen

Forklifts are often used by workers in the construction, manufacturing, farming, transportation, and utility industries. These massive machines are regulated under Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) guidelines, which govern when and where forklifts are used, how they are maintained, and the training employers are required to provide forklift operators.

These regulations are designed to help reduce the risk of forklift accidents, which OSHA estimates impact close to 8,000 workers each year. Common ways these accidents occur include:

While the forklift operator is only one person, it takes the combined effort of others to ensure forklift safety. This includes vehicle mechanics and suppliers, company owners, job site supervisors, and co-workers in the vicinity.

Forklift Accidents and Injuries

According to the National Safety Council (NSC), forklift accidents can end up causing some of the most severe types of on-the-job injuries, leaving workers with permanent disabilities. Among the common types of injuries suffered by forklift operators and others on job sites where forklifts are used include:

When these types of injuries happen, you are entitled to compensation. Lost wages, medical expenses, and other costs may be covered through theNebraska workers’ compensation program. You may also be entitled to file a lawsuit against your employer or others associated with your forklift accident. 

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