Workers’ Compensation For Injured Truckers

Are you a commercial trucker whose accident or occupational injury has sidelined you, costing you precious wages and putting your future in doubt? The experienced workers’ compensation attorneys at Andres Law Offices, PC LLO, in Omaha work hard on behalf of injured truck drivers all over the country. If your employer is based out of Nebraska or Iowa, you may have a workers’ compensation claim in either state.

Truck drivers are at risk of injury accidents every day. Injuries may result from a single accident on the road or from an accident while loading or unloading cargo, servicing a truck or even slipping on stairs upon entering or exiting the cab. Truckers also are exposed to occupational injuries that occur over time, such as repetitive trauma or back injuries. If you think you have been injured while performing your work as a truck driver, inform your supervisor or dispatch right away.

A Record Of Success

We have helped clients obtain the benefits and medical care they need against trucking companies including Werner Enterprises, Crete Carrier Corporation, Red Hawk Trucking, Reinhart Foods, Schmidt Transportation, Sterling Transportation, Greenberg Fruit Company, Butler Transport Inc, Gra-Gar, LLC and Peoplease Corporation.

Whether you are a commercial driver’s-license (CDL) operator of a truck owned by a construction firm, industrial plant, moving company or others, our full-service work accident and injury lawyers are in your corner when employers fail to acknowledge work injuries.

We also handle third-party injury claims when careless motorists injure professional drivers, causing life-changing damage to the brain or spinal cord, back, neck, hip, knee and shoulder.

We use our years of experience to represent the interests of drivers in a broad range of professions. This commitment begins from the moment a trucking injury is reported, and extends through accident investigation, negotiations with insurance companies and aggressive litigation against them in court if necessary.

Your free initial consultation with Andres Law Offices, PC LLO, can take place at your home, hospital room or wherever your work injury has confined you. Call us today in Omaha at 402-491-4003 or use our online contact form. You will only pay an attorney fee if we are able to obtain the wage, medical and disability benefits you deserve.