Crush Injuries

Workers throughout the state of Nebraska face a number of different on-the-job accident risks, ranging from motor vehicle accidents to slip and falls, electrocution injuries to assault, and more. For those who work around large pieces of equipment and machinery, one of the most common and most devastating injury types is a crush injury. If you have suffered a crush injury at work, our Nebraska workers’ compensation lawyers can help.

What is a Crush Injury?

A crush injury is defined as an injury that results from pressure or force being placed on a body part; a crush injury is most common when a part of the body, such as the hand, arm, or leg, is caught and squeezed between two heavy objects. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that caught-in/between accidents are a leading cause of construction worker deaths every year.

How Crush Injuries Occur

A crush injury typically happens as the result of one of three scenarios:

Most of the time, crush injuries are completely preventable. These accidents often happen as a result of defective machinery or the negligence of one of the parties involved. Examples of negligence that lead to crush injuries include distraction, lack of proper training, workplace intoxication, and failure to implement or follow proper safety procedures.

The Effects of a Crush Injury

A crush injury can have a tragic effect on a worker’s life, ability to continue working, livelihood, and relationships. Crush injuries, in the most severe of cases, are fatal; in less severe instances, they may result in permanent disability and loss of use of the affected body part, or may even require amputation. The effects are often long-term, and physical, financial, and psychological.

Your Right to Workers’ Compensation

If you have suffered a crush injury on the job in Nebraska, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits . In order to recover workers’ compensation benefits, you must inform your employer of the injury within a timely manner; failure to notify your employer could be a bar to recovery. You do not need to prove fault as part of the recovery process; workers’ compensation is a no-fault system.

In addition to no-fault benefits through workers’ compensation, you may have a cause of action to pursue a third-party liability claim for damages. A third-party liability claim can be brought against a negligent party, other than your employer, whose error caused your accident and injuries.

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