Demolition Accident Lawyer in Omaha

Construction work is one of the riskiest jobs when it comes to severe injuries, but demolition is even more dangerous.

 If you can think of all the catastrophic accidents that can happen while people are building tall structures, think of all the things that can go wrong at a work site where people are destroying large buildings. Demolition is, by nature, destructive. As with any work-related accident, injuries resulting from demolitions are compensable by workers’ compensation laws, which means that in most cases, your employer’s workers’ compensation is responsible for paying for your medical treatment and other accident-related expenses. If you have been injured in an accident at a demolition site, contact an Omaha construction accident lawyer at Andres Law Offices, PC LLO.

Why Demolition Sites are So Dangerous

Demolitions of buildings are exciting to watch, as long as you are a safe distance away. The explosives, wrecking balls, and bulldozers are the stuff of action movies. Think about the exhilarating feeling of fear that you feel when watching a building implode on film, and then imagine how real the danger is when you are nearby. Even though, from a distance, a demolition looks like beautiful chaos, demolitions are actually planned down to the last detail before anything goes boom or falls down. For example, with a controlled implosion, engineers spend months figuring out what quantity of explosives to put in which location so that the building will fall down with minimal risk of debris flying beyond the boundaries of the demolition site and accounting for where the shock wave from the explosion will go. Even with a demolition by deconstruction, keeping the destruction away from adjacent structures in a built-up area of town is a delicate balancing act.

One false move of a wrecking ball or a stick of dynamite, and a nearby building could suffer serious damage; imagine how much damage that debris or shock wave could do to the human body. Injuries at demolition sites can be very costly, which means that you could be in for a battle trying to get your employer to pay for them.

If you get injured in a demolition accident, you should submit a workers’ compensation claim. Your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance is responsible for paying your treatment. There is no need to prove that the accident was your employer’s fault, only that it happened while you were doing your job at your work location. If you are an employee of a subcontractor, the general contractor for which your employer was working could be responsible for all work injuries related to the demolition project; it depends on whether the contractor and subcontractor’s agreement had an indemnity clause.

Omaha Demolition Accidents Lawyer

From a legal standpoint, demolition accidents are like any accident that happens at a work site. Your employer should pay for the treatment of your injuries and compensate you for the income you lost while you were unable to work. Contact Andres Law Offices, PC LLO in Omaha, Nebraska about your demolition accident case.