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What’s the best treatment for a torn muscle?

Regardless of your lifestyle and profession, you use your muscles from the moment you wake up in the morning.

As your day begins, you may find yourself taking on a variety of physical activity. For example, if you work as a mover or construction worker, you are always on the go.

Depression, fatigue can result in workplace injuries

Although no one wants to be part of a workplace accident that results in an injury, this happens all too often in today's day and age.

There are many causes of workplace accidents, from negligence to horseplay. However, there's something that many people overlook: Depression and fatigue can both result in a workplace accident and injury.

There is more than 1 type of workplace burn

Depending on your job, you may realize that the potential to suffer a burn injury is very real.

It goes without saying that any type of burn injury is serious, so you want to prevent trouble at all costs. This starts with understanding that there is more than one type of workplace burn. Here are four to be aware of:

  • Thermal burn. Caused by heat from liquids, hot objects and open flames, this type of burn is among the most common. You can prevent this type of injury by always wearing the right personal protective equipment.
  • Chemical burns. These are exactly what they sound like, with chemical burns the result of contact with any type of caustic or corrosive material.
  • Sun exposure burns. If you're working in the hot sun, one hour after the next, you need to protect your skin.
  • Electrical burns. This is when an electric current travels through your body, eventually running into resistance in tissues. You must be careful any time you are working with electricity, as a simple mistake can lead to a serious electrical burn.

Key facts about carpal tunnel syndrome

Not all workplace injuries are the result of one drastic event, like a car accident or a fall from a ladder. With repetitive motion injuries, the problem slowly builds up over time.

This doesn't make it any less detrimental to your ability to work. A repetitive motion injury like carpal tunnel syndrome can be so painful that you can't do your job without treatment. While some repetitive motion injuries are temporary, others are permanent.

Truckers can take charge of their own safety

Do you earn your living operating trucks? Whether you drive a truck for a Nebraska construction company, moving company, or industrial business or if you are the holder of a commercial driver's license, you will likely face daily injury risks. Loading and unloading the truck, slipping when you enter or exit the cab and other tasks can cause occupational injuries — many of which develop over time.

However, the primary risk for big-rig operators is road accidents that could cause catastrophic injuries or worse. Fortunately, you are in charge of the truck you operate, and that allows you to take safety precautions to protect you from harm. By looking after yourself and your vehicle, you might avoid crashes that could prevent you from earning an income and leave you unable to meet your financial obligations.

There is more than 1 way to prevent electrical shock

Depending on your profession, you may find yourself working around electricity almost every day of the week. While this can be dangerous at times, it's good to know that there are steps you can take to improve your safety.

Here are a few of the better ways to prevent electrical shock:

  • Kill the power: Before you even think about working on a device or circuit, turn off the breaker to ensure that it's no longer getting power. This one step can go a long way in keeping you safe.
  • Test for power: It's easy to assume that you turned off power, but you still need to check this before doing any work. It only takes a couple seconds to use a voltage tester.
  • Use a GFCI: If you find yourself doing any kind of work that requires electricity, plug your equipment into a ground-fault circuit interrupter, also known as a GFCI.
  • Use insulated tools: It may sound like overkill, but it's better to be safe than sorry. This has the potential to save your life if you come in contact with an electrical connection.

Do you follow these power drill safety tips?

There are many benefits of using a power drill, such as the ability to more efficiently complete a task in an accurate manner.

However, just the same as any power tool, there are some safety tips to keep in mind. If you're not careful, misuse of a power drill could lead to a serious accident that results in a painful injury.

11 workplace injuries and illnesses

Your workplace is supposed to be safe, and that means doing more than removing trip hazards and providing adequate lighting. Employers have to consider all potential harm that employees could suffer and steps that can be taken to protect them.

That's not to say that the workplace will be entirely without risk. Some jobs are inherently dangerous. However, identifying the problems often makes it possible to take steps to reduce that risk. For example, understanding that falls are a serious concern on construction sites helps to show employers why they should invest in fall protection equipment and train employees on how to use it.

Broken ribs can slow you down

While there are many injuries you can suffer at your place of employment, broken ribs don't often come to mind. However, this is an injury that many people face. It's also one that can slow you down for quite some time.

The unique thing about broken ribs is that there isn't much you can do from a treatment perspective. For example, you can't put a cast on this part of your body.

New to the workforce? Familiarize yourself with potential hazards

Have you recently entered the Nebraska workforce? Then you may have questions about the workers' compensation insurance system. What are the benefits that you will receive in the event of a workplace injury? The program is in place to provide you with compensation for medical expenses and lost wages in the event of an on-the-job injury.

The benefits typically cover all medical expenses, including doctors' bills, hospital fees, physical therapy and even costs for traveling to and from medical appointments. When it comes to wage replacement, you will receive a portion of the wages you lost due to temporary or permanent disability. Furthermore, if your injury prevents you from returning to your regular job, you may receive vocational rehabilitation training to equip you with additional skills for a different employment field.

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