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What if You Cannot Return to a Physically Demanding Job After a Work Injury?

If your work injury renders you permanently unable to do the physically demanding tasks you were performing when you got injured, workers’ compensation may pay for vocational rehabilitation or partial disability benefits.

Why Do Employers Deny Workers’ Compensation Claims?

Federal and state laws guarantee workers the right to file workers’ compensation claims if they get injured in accidents at work or suffer illnesses that result directly from them performing their job duties.

Who is Liable or OSHA Violations in Nebraska?

Employers have a legal responsibility to maintain a safe work environment for employees, and they can face fines and other penalties for safety violations; workers have the right to report workplace safety hazards to OSHA.

Workers Comp Benefits Help Remote Workers

According to Nebraska workers’ compensation laws, all injuries that employees sustain at their workplaces during work hours are eligible for coverage by their employers’ workers’ compensation insurance.

Can I Lose or Forfeit My Workers Comp Benefits?

What Happens When I File a Workers Comp Claim?

When you file a workers’ compensation claim, your employer must pay for treatment of your work-related injuries and a portion of the income you missed out on while absent from work because of the injury.

How Much Can I Get for My WC Claim on a Construction Site in Nebraska?

Workers’ compensation claims on construction sites pay for the medical treatment of your work-related injury; it also provides some compensation for injury-related lost income and for training for a new job, if appropriate.

If I am Injured at Work, Should I See a Doctor Immediately?

Workplace accidents can result in some of the most serious injuries. Workplace accidents vastly differ from those that happen in other places, but they have one thing in common.

Can You File a Workers’ Compensation Claim While on a Business Trip?

Whether you only travel for work occasionally or take business trips frequently, there is always a chance that an accident could happen. You may know that you can claim workers’ compensation while at the office or in the warehouse, but what about when you are traveling for work?

How Do I Know if I Have a Workers’ Compensation Case?

Accidents in the workplace are extremely common in Omaha, and throughout all of Nebraska. When they occur, employees are left suffering with serious injuries, and being left unable to go to work to earn an income that supports them and their families.

Do Pre-Existing Conditions Affect My Claim?

Workplace accidents happen all too often. When they do, employees often suffer from debilitating injuries. Most employees can claim workers’ compensation benefits for medical expenses and a portion of their lost income when they are hurt on the job.

Will I Still Get Workers’ Comp if My Employer Goes Out of Business?

No employee wants their employer to go out of business. When a business closes, it is not only the employer that loses their livelihood.

Who Pays Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Temporary Workers in Nebraska?

According to Nebraska law, employers must pay for workers’ compensation insurance for temporary, part-time, and seasonal workers, but independent contractors and certain other categories of workers do not enjoy this protection.

What are Common NE Workplace Safety Violations?

Some common workplace safety violations in Nebraska include lack of fall prevention measures, failure to communicate safety hazards, and lack of protective equipment for employees.

Common Back Injuries in Workers’ Comp Claims

Almost every adult suffers from back pain at least occasionally, but severe back injuries that limit a person’s ability to work are another matter entirely.

How to Calculate NE Workers’ Comp Benefits

If you are injured while working in Nebraska and require medical treatment, workers’ compensation pays dollar for dollar for the treatment that is reasonable, necessary and related to the work injury.

Calculating Workers’ Compensation in Nebraska

If you file a workers’ compensation claim, your employer must pay your medical expenses that arise from the work injury and may also compensate you for some of the income you lost by not being able to work because of the injury.

Do Seasonal Workers Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits in NE?

Another holiday season is approaching, and in a society where less than half of the population has an extra $400 to cover an emergency expense, people are scrambling to find money for the holiday celebrations they missed out on last year during the pandemic.

Who is Liable for OSHA Violations in Nebraska?

Accidents that happen at places of business or work sites and cause serious injuries are rare enough that you can probably remember every time you have ever witnessed one, even if you work in a relatively high-risk career such as construction.

OSHA’s Fatal Four Causes of Construction Worker Deaths

According to OSHA, most fatal accidents at construction sites were caused by falls, electrical exposure, workers being struck by objects, and workers getting trapped inside or behind dangerous equipment.

How Will the Legalization of Medical MJ Affect Workers’ Comp?

With support for medical cannabis legislation gaining momentum in Nebraska, the question remains of whether workers’ compensation doctors will begin recommending medical cannabis to injured workers with qualifying health conditions.

Speak Up if You See an OSHA Violation

You might remember studying the Industrial Revolution in your high school history class and seeing those black-and-white photographs of work environments that might as well have been entirely gray in real life from all the dirt and smoke.

Types of Toxic Exposure at Nebraska Job Sites

Workers’ compensation laws require employers to pay workers’ medical expenses for work-related injuries and illnesses.

Corrections Officers May Get Access to Mental Health Workers’ Comp

Nebraska’s workers’ compensation laws currently allow workers to claim workers’ compensation benefits for mental health treatment if the mental illness was the result of a physical injury on the job. A recently passed legislative bill will expand workers’ compensation benefits for mental health treatment for corrections officers.

Has Your Employer Denied You Family or Medical Leave?

Your employer must notify you of your option to take unpaid FMLA leave, even if you are already on leave and receiving workers’ compensation for a work injury. The good news is that several laws protect workers from losing their jobs and their financial stability when they suffer injuries or illnesses related or unrelated to their work. The bad news is that trying to apply all of the laws at the same time can be so complicated that some employment lawyers refer to it as “whack a mole”.

What Do Virus Liability Shield Laws Mean for Workers’ Comp?

Despite the accusations slung about on social media, the people who contracted COVID-19 through wantonly reckless activities such as attending parties in crowded bars or airport hopping to celebrate their digital nomad lifestyle when their employers assigned them to work remotely represent only a fraction of COVID-19 cases.

Can My Employer Make Me Sign a COVID-19 Waiver?

More than a year into the pandemic, workers in many sectors are eager to get back to the in-person workplace. Employees are understandably apprehensive about the risk of contracting COVID-19 at work, which would mean potentially exposing their children, who are too young to get vaccinated, to the virus.

How is Workers’ Comp Fraud Defined in Nebraska?

Workers’ compensation is available to all workers who are injured in a workplace accident in Nebraska. While some news stories have focused on workers’ compensation fraud, it is not as common as these news outlets would have you believe. Employees have a legitimate need for medical and lost income benefits when they are hurt at work.

How Can the New NE COVID-19 Presumption Bill Help You?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the lives of workers across Nebraska and the rest of the United States.

What to Do if Your Employer Thinks You are Faking an Injury

Most workers in Nebraska are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in the event that they become hurt on the job. Unfortunately, these benefits are not always easy to obtain. While the insurance company may deny your claim, your employer may also think you are faking your injury.

What to Expect if Seeking Workers’ Comp for COVID-19 Infection

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every area of life, including workers’ compensation claims. Workers that have contracted the virus while on the job are sometimes able to file a workers’ compensation claim, but this is not always easy to do in Nebraska.

With More States Legalizing Marijuana, How Could Workers’ Comp be Affected?

Both medicinal and recreational marijuana have been illegal in Nebraska since 1927. However, bills are regularly proposed and legislators often debate the issue.

What Can a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Do for Me?

No one should ever become hurt at work, but it happens all the time. When it does, you can file a workers’ compensation claim, but the process is not always easy.

How Has Remote Work Changed Workers’ Comp Coverage?

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the workforce. More people are working from home and many office workers state they want to continue doing so even once the pandemic is over.

Is Your Workers’ Comp Insurance Company Unresponsive?

Workers’ compensation insurance companies often state that they are advocates for injured employees. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Can You Claim Workers’ Comp When Working Remotely from Home?

The coronavirus has impacted everyone throughout the country in different ways. While some have been furloughed or have permanently lost their jobs, others have to find new ways to work, mainly inside their homes.

First Responders with Mental Illness

It was in early August when Nebraska lawmakers passed by unanimous vote LB 963, the bill that gives first responders the right to file a workers’ compensation claim for any mental illness sustained on the job.

Self-Driving Trucks & Trucking Industry

Trucking companies of course tout the many benefits of self driving trucks, but there are also many drawbacks to having trucks on the road. So, what could self-driving trucks mean for the trucking industry?

Are You Aware of the New OSHA Fall Accident Safety Standards?

Construction site employees engage in dangerous activities and use potentially lethal tools on a daily basis and so are typically at a much higher risk of injury than employees in other industries.

New Tech Could Help Prevent Truck Driver Fatigue

Determining how many truck accidents are the result of driver fatigue is a notoriously difficult endeavor, as drowsiness is consistently underreported by drivers and responding police officers alike.

Can You File a Workers’ Comp Claim After Being Terminated?

Under Nebraska law, employees who are injured on the job are usually entitled to reimbursement for their medical bills and lost wages, which can be obtained through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance.

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover an Accident During My Daily Commute?

Nebraska’s workers’ compensation system provides benefits for those who are injured in an accident “arising out of” and “in the course of” employment.

Four Things to Know About Workers’ Comp in NE

If you are injured on the job in Nebraska, there is a strong likelihood that you are covered under workers’ compensation insurance. While workers’ compensation is available to nearly all workers in our state, there are some important things you need to know--and do--in order to protect your rights to benefits.

Will Workers’ Compensation Premiums Skyrocket Because of COVID-19?

Workers’ compensation is a benefit program that provides no-fault benefits to workers who are injured on the job in Nebraska.

Will There be a Shortage of Drivers During This Pandemic?

While most of the United States is on lockdown right now, grocery stores, hospitals, and other essential industries continue to operate, and the demand for essential products has increased.

Are Truck Drivers in Danger of Contracting COVID-19?

While stay-at-home orders have mandated many businesses to shut down and for workers to perform their jobs from the safe confines of their home, truck drivers are not part of a class of workers that has such protections during the COVID-19 pandemic.

New Workers’ Compensation Bill for First Responders with Mental Health Issues

Workers’ compensation is a type of mandatory insurance program that is designed to provide wage replacement coverage and medical benefits coverage to workers who are injured on the job in Nebraska, or who develop an occupational disease or illness as a direct result of their work.

Changes to Workers’ Compensation Laws Could be Coming Soon

The state of Nebraska requires most employers to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This type of insurance provides no-fault benefits to workers who are injured during the course of employment.

Did You Know Liens Can Affect Workers’ Comp?

Being successful in a workers’ compensation claim is sometimes challenging. Often, injured workers are relieved to find out that they are going to receive the benefits they need, only to learn that there is a lien associated with their claims.

When is it OK to Sue an Employer for a Work Injury in Nebraska?

Work related accidents can happen in any type of job. Injuries you suffer as a result can have major impacts on every area of your life. These injuries can keep you from working or enjoying your favorite activities while causing chronic health issues that demand ongoing medical care.

What You Need to Know About Marijuana When Filing for Workers’ Compensation

Although marijuana remains illegal in all forms in Nebraska, legislators continue to debate the idea of medical marijuana in the state’s legislature. For now, any bills on the issue are stalled but soon, medical marijuana may come to the state. While legislators continue to debate whether or not marijuana in its medicinal form can help with certain conditions, there is one thing that is certain. Even if marijuana was fully legal in the state, it would still cause big problems for people making workers’ compensation claims.

How Soon Should I See a Doctor After I am Injured at Work?

On-the-job accidents happen to people in any type of occupation. Even a seemingly minor incident at work can result in potentially serious injuries. When this happens, it is important to see your doctor or other medical provider immediately. Failure to do so could jeopardize your health and your rights in a workers’ compensation claim.

When do Workers’ Comp Benefits Start?

When on-the-job injuries happen, workers’ compensation benefits can help ensure you are compensated for your losses. In addition to covering your medical expenses, they can reimburse you for lost wages you suffer while offering ongoing compensation for temporary or permanent disabilities.

What are Some Common Workplace Safety Violations?

Employers are required to maintain a certain standard of safety in the workplace. When they fail to follow state and federal regulations, it increases the risk for potentially serious on-the-job accidents. Employees who suffer injuries may be entitled to workers’ compensation in Nebraska to help offset their medical costs, lost wages, and other expenses.

What if My Company Denied My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

Workers’ compensation benefits in Nebraska provide a safety net for injured employees. When on-the-job accidents or illnesses occur, benefits help cover your lost wages, medical expenses, and other costs. Unfortunately, in too many cases, claims end up being denied.

What is the Difference Between a Workers’ Comp and Personal Injury Claim?

When accidents and injuries occur on the job, it can have a dramatic impact on every area of your life. You may be unable to work or perform even simple tasks around your home, while requiring extensive and ongoing medical care.

Types of Health Risks That Truck Drivers Face

Those who work in the trucking industry and operate big rigs for hours a day, day after day, face certain health risks that those in other industries do not. Not only are truck drivers at a greater risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident, which could result in mild or severe injuries, but they also are at risk of developing a number of adverse health conditions over the years.

Using Your Own Doctor for a Work Injury

When on-the-job accidents and injuries occur, it can reassuring to go to a medical provider you know and trust, rather than one you are referred to by your employer. Workers’ compensation benefits in Nebraska may cover these treatments, but there are certain factors you need to be aware of that could influence your eligibility.

Can a Pre-Existing Condition Affect My Workers Comp Claim?

On-the-job injuries and occupational illnesses can impact workers in a variety of occupations. If you have a pre-existing health condition, you could be at an even greater risk. Getting a workers’ compensation claim approved so that you can get the benefits you are entitled to while you recover can be challenging in any situation.

Do I Have a Workers Comp Case?

On-the-job accidents and illnesses can occur in any job field or occupation. As a result, they may prevent you from working or performing certain tasks required by your employer while also resulting in the need for ongoing medical care.

Pay Income Taxes on Workers’ Comp Benefits?

Workers’ compensation insurance is designed to protect employees who are injured while performing work-related tasks. Workers’ comp provides compensation for their medical expenses, and, in some cases, a portion of their lost wages, regardless of fault. However

When Should you Report your Work Injury in Nebraska?

Work related injuries can occur suddenly, such as from an on-the-job accident. They can also happen over a period of time, such as from repetitive stress and strain, or in the event you are diagnosed with an occupational illness

What Kinds of Injuries are Covered by Workers Comp?

On-the-job injuries can happen in any occupation. Unfortunately, even otherwise minor injuries can require extensive medical care and treatment, while preventing you from working or performing certain tasks on your job.

Can You be Fired While Out on Workers’ Comp?

Workers who are injured on the job in Omaha and Nebraska in general have certain rights. One of the rights is to file a workers’ compensation claim for benefits. Another is to report the unsafe condition to the proper agency, such as OSHA, if appropriate and relevant.

What’s the best treatment for a torn muscle?

Regardless of your lifestyle and profession, you use your muscles from the moment you wake up in the morning.

Depression, fatigue can result in workplace injuries

Although no one wants to be part of a workplace accident that results in an injury, this happens all too often in today's day and age.

There are many causes of workplace accidents, from negligence to horseplay. However, there's something that many people overlook: Depression and fatigue can both result in a workplace accident and injury.

There is more than 1 type of workplace burn

It goes without saying that any type of burn injury is serious, so you want to prevent trouble at all costs. This starts with understanding that there is more than one type of workplace burn. Here are four to be aware of:

Key facts about carpal tunnel syndrome

While some repetitive motion injuries are temporary, others are permanent.A repetitive motion injury like carpal tunnel syndrome can be so painful that you can't do your job without treatment.

Truckers can take charge of their own safety

Do you earn your living operating trucks? Whether you drive a truck for a Nebraska construction company, moving company, or industrial business or if you are the holder of a commercial driver's license, you will likely face daily injury risks. Loading and unloading the truck, slipping when you enter or exit the cab and other tasks can cause occupational injuries — many of which develop over time.

There is more than 1 way to prevent electrical shock

Depending on your profession, you may find yourself working around electricity almost every day of the week. While this can be dangerous at times, it's good to know that there are steps you can take to improve your safety.

Do you follow these power drill safety tips?

There are many benefits of using a power drill, such as the ability to more efficiently complete a task in an accurate manner.

However, just the same as any power tool, there are some safety tips to keep in mind. If you're not careful, misuse of a power drill could lead to a serious accident that results in a painful injury.

11 workplace injuries and illnesses

Your workplace is supposed to be safe, and that means doing more than removing trip hazards and providing adequate lighting. Employers have to consider all potential harm that employees could suffer and steps that can be taken to protect them.

That's not to say that the workplace will be entirely without risk. Some jobs are inherently dangerous. However, identifying the problems often makes it possible to take steps to reduce that risk. For example, understanding that falls are a serious concern on construction sites helps to show employers why they should invest in fall protection equipment and train employees on how to use it.

Broken ribs can slow you down

While there are many injuries you can suffer at your place of employment, broken ribs don't often come to mind. However, this is an injury that many people face. It's also one that can slow you down for quite some time.

The unique thing about broken ribs is that there isn't much you can do from a treatment perspective. For example, you can't put a cast on this part of your body.

New to the workforce? Familiarize yourself with potential hazards

Have you recently entered the Nebraska workforce? Then you may have questions about the workers' compensation insurance system. What are the benefits that you will receive in the event of a workplace injury? The program is in place to provide you with compensation for medical expenses and lost wages in the event of an on-the-job injury.

The benefits typically cover all medical expenses, including doctors' bills, hospital fees, physical therapy and even costs for traveling to and from medical appointments. When it comes to wage replacement, you will receive a portion of the wages you lost due to temporary or permanent disability. Furthermore, if your injury prevents you from returning to your regular job, you may receive vocational rehabilitation training to equip you with additional skills for a different employment field.

Common types of unsafe working conditions

Regardless of your profession or industry, you must understand what it takes to create a safe working environment. While this sounds simple enough, both employees and employers make mistakes every now and again.

Unfortunately, unsafe working conditions can lead to an accident that causes serious injury or even death.