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Why chain safety is important

Lifting safety is critical in a workplace, whether the lifting is being done directly by workers or through mechanical means. Accidents involving either of these types of lifting can cause considerable harm to workers.

Workplace lifting injuries, whether they be through manual or mechanical lifting, are among the injuries workers’ compensation claims may be able to be made in relation to. Workplace lifting accident victims who have questions about or are experiencing difficulties with a workers’ compensation issue may want to consider talking with an attorney knowledgeable of the state’s workers’ comp system. 

One of the types of objects that is sometimes used in lifting materials via mechanical means are chains. When using a chain in connection to such lifting, the condition of the chain matters greatly. One reason for this is that a chain’s condition can impact how likely a chain failure would be to occur. 

When a chain failure occurs during a lifting operation, workers in the area could be at risk of getting struck by the chain or its links. Additionally, such a failure could result in the load the chain is being used to help lift falling, which could also pose injury risks.

So, keeping chains used for lifting in a safe condition can be very important. Now, how a chain is used in the workplace is not the only thing that can affect its condition. So too can how it is stored in a workplace. Certain storage conditions (such as wet conditions) could leave a chain more vulnerable to condition deterioration. Here are some traits it can be important for a chain storage area to have:

As this illustrates, all different kinds of things can have safety implications in a workplace. This is why it is important for employers to keep safety in mind when it comes to all aspects of their operations. 

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