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Workplace scissor lift accidents

In many different types of industries, the need to get a worker into an elevated position can arise during a work project. There are a variety of types of devices and equipment that can be used for getting workers to such positions. One is a scissor lift.

A scissor lift is a vertical lift with a work platform on top, in which the platform is raised and lowered (straight up and down) by crossed beams. These beams make scissors-like motion when raising or lowering the platform.

When using scissor lifts in their work projects, there are various safety steps employers should take, including:

Why is proper scissor lift safety by employers so important? Failing to engage in appropriate lift safety measures can result in lift accidents. So, dangers in a workplace could be upped quite a bit when an employer’s scissor lift safety measures fall short. Example of accidents that can occur involving scissor lifts include: worker falls, crushing accidents, electrical accidents, lift collapses and lift tip-overs.

Scissor lift accidents in a workplace can not only cause injuries to the workers using a lift, but also other workers in the area. When any worker in the state is hurt in a scissor lift accident (or another accident involving work equipment), among the things they may want to consider doing is talking with an experienced work accident attorney about what rights they have under Nebraska’s workers’ compensation laws and what steps it can be helpful to take when seeking to get what one is entitled to under these rights. 

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