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May 2016 Archives

What may be covered by workers' comp?

The reality is that many people don't think twice about workers' comp in Nebraska until they are injured. Then, they don't know what types of payments they're entitled to or how to get them, even though this process is very important. To help you before you're injured, below are examples of a few things that can be covered by workers' compensation.

Truck drivers beware: on-the-job injuries are common

As a truck driver, you spend the majority of your day either behind the wheel or loading and unloading cargo. For the most part, this is an unavoidable consequence of your profession. But, it also puts you at risk of getting hurt.

Study: most workplace assaults happen in health care settings

Accidents are not the only way that employees can get injured at work. Violence in the workplace, such as violence from a coworker, customer or other individual, can cause a worker significant injuries that could have major ramifications, such as causing them to have to stay home from work for a period.