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Study: most workplace assaults happen in health care settings

Accidents are not the only way that employees can get injured at work. Violence in the workplace, such as violence from a coworker, customer or other individual, can cause a worker significant injuries that could have major ramifications, such as causing them to have to stay home from work for a period.

As is the case with victims of workplace accidents, victims of workplace violence in Nebraska may be entitled to compensation for their injuries through the state’s workers’ compensation regime. Lawyers knowledgeable on the state’s workers’ comp laws can help victims of workplace violence with legal matters related to workers’ comp.

Risks for workplace violence are not equal among the different types of workplaces. In fact, research points to one type of workplace seeing an amount of workplace assaults rivaled by pretty much no other setting. Health care workplaces are that workplace.

A recent study found that health care workplaces are the setting of a large majority (three-fourths) of workplace assaults.

All different kinds of health care workers can end up being subjected to attacks during the course of their work, including nursing aides, nurses, hospital physicians, pediatric physicians, emergency medicine physicians, emergency medical service providers and psychiatrists.

Research points to a large majority of workplace attacks against health care professionals being committed by visitors or patients.

This trend of high amounts of workplace violence in health care settings is one that many may find quite troubling. Workers shouldn’t have to face physical attacks on the job. One wonders what things might be able to help with significantly cutting down the occurrence of workplace violence in health care settings.

Source: ABC News, “Health Care Employees Bear Brunt of Workplace Assaults, Research Finds,” Dr. Gretchen Winter, April 27, 2016