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June 2016 Archives

What are the fatal 4?

There are four main types of deadly accidents in Nebraska and across the United States, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, a division of the United States Department of Labor. These are often called the "Fatal Four." They are general categories, and deadly accidents certainly can happen in a way that falls outside of them, but the majority of these accidents can be linked in some way. The fatal four are:

What are my workers' compensation rights after a back injury?

Injuries to the back, spine and neck are some of the most painful and serious injuries a person can suffer. If you sustained a back injury in the course of your job duties, you are eligible for workers' compensation benefits. The question then becomes, what benefits can you recover? In Nebraska, injured workers are eligible to recover the following medical benefits and wage loss benefits. Let's discuss each of these benefits.

It can be hard to get workers' comp for diseases

For some things, it's not that hard to collect workers' compensation. All of the proof is fairly easy to gather. When a machine breaks and amputates someone's arm, for example, it's very clear that the injury is only related to the job and that the costs connected to that injury may need to be covered. All that needs to be shown is that the worker didn't cause the accident in some way, such as by ignoring proper safety procedures.

Why was your workers' comp denied?

If your workers' compensation was denied in Nebraska, there are legal steps that you can take. Don't give up on it entirely, as you still may be able to get the compensation you're after. The first step is to know exactly why it was denied. Here are a few of the top reasons, all of which could have a different impact on the case.