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Aggravated injuries and workers' compensation

One of the most common reasons insurance companies give for denying workers’ compensation claims is that the injury is preexisting - it did not occur due to work activities. 

While a worker may have suffered an injury years ago, before he or she started their current job, that does not mean they are not eligible for workers’ comp benefits. If work activities aggravated your existing injury, you deserve benefits for medical bills and lost wages.

All types of injury can be aggravated by on-the-job duties. Crouching, lifting, stooping and other activities can seriously aggravate back injuries, neck injuries, joint injuries and more, leaving the injured worker unable to fulfill his or her duties.

Remember, the insurance company’s decision is not the final word. If your workers’ compensation benefits have been denied, you have the right to mount a legal strategy to get them approved.

It is important to talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer who is experienced in handling aggravated injury claims. Insurance companies may claim that work activities played no role in a person’s condition. A knowledgeable attorney knows how to demonstrate how work activities led to the worsening of an injury or medical condition.

With experienced legal guidance, you can have the best possible chance of having your benefits approved.