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Rushing, injuries, and the worker's mindset

A lot of workers in the United States have the mindset that rushing is not only good, but expected. They were told as children to get as much done as possible, and they’re praised as adults for being ahead of schedule.

However, this mindset can be dangerous. Studies have found a very close link between rushing a job and being injured on the job. Workers who rush often skip safety steps and aren’t as careful while they work.

Keep in mind that one study said a full 92 percent of accidents in the workplace were the result of a worker incorrectly doing his or her job. Granted, that is just one study, but it does show the danger of working improperly, which is often what happens when you rush.

So, does this mean that workers are always at fault when they’re hurt on the job? Certainly not. An employer can still be liable for:

– Creating unrealistic expectations.– Setting up a schedule that is impossible to meet without rushing.– Creating a workplace atmosphere that values production over safety.– Encouraging workers to skip safety steps – or allowing them to do so.– Putting unneeded pressure on workers and making them feel that they’ll be fired if they don’t rush.

If your boss is standing over your shoulder, telling you you’re going to get a pink slip if you don’t hurry up, your unsafe work practices may not be your own fault. When you’re injured, make sure you know exactly what rights you have to seek compensation in Nebraska. It can cover lost wages, medical costs, and more.

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