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Why was your workers' comp denied?

If your workers’ compensation was denied in Nebraska, there are legal steps that you can take. Don’t give up on it entirely, as you still may be able to get the compensation you’re after. The first step is to know exactly why it was denied. Here are a few of the top reasons, all of which could have a different impact on the case.

  1. Your employer says that you were not actually injured while you were on the job. Your employer could claim you were hurt at home and then simply claimed to get hurt at work, the next day, to collect benefits.

  2. Your boss claims you were working in a reckless manner. For instance, your boss may say that you were horsing around with fellow employees and got hurt doing something that wasn’t part of your job.

  3. You were traveling. This one gets tricky. If you were traveling for work – running an errand for your boss, for example – you should be covered in most cases. You were on the clock. If you were just coming into work or driving home, you may not be covered, even though that’s a necessary drive. The issue comes up when you and your employer don’t agree on why you were driving.

  4. You didn’t put in the injury report fast enough. You never want to put this off. Always report an injury immediately. However, there could be a situation where you did try to report it immediately and delays that were out of your control slowed the process down.

Remember, if your employer makes a claim like this that isn’t true, you need to know all of your legal options to expose the truth and get the compensation you deserve.

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