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Why workplace stress has been going up

Some studies have shown that mental stress in the workplace has been going up over the years. While some stress is to be expected in most jobs, too much stress could lead to larger issues and even impairment.

The trend is very clear in the amount of workers’ comp cases that include, to one degree or another, job-related stress and mental issues. Back in 1980, those only showed up in 4.7 percent of cases. Just a decade later, the number was three times as high. It was still rising.

So, why does this trend exist? Experts say that one reason is simply that there used to be a stigma associated with these issues that has been reduced. This could lead more people to make claims, as some who wouldn’t have done so in previous decades may be willing to do so today.

Similarly, there is simply more medical information available today about these issues. With greater understanding overall, more workers may recognize the issues they’re having.

Another reason commonly cited is the rise of mechanized workplaces. This means workers have to learn new, complex skills. Machines can make work easier, but can still increase mental stress.

On top of that, some have noted that the workplace has changed so that both men and women are more likely to work. This shifts the burden at home, meaning each parent may be responsible for raising kids, cleaning the house, paying the bills and the like. While the rise of equality is certainly good, this may cause more mental stress for both genders, particularly if they are parents.

If you are suffering from disabilities or disorders caused by your work environment, make sure you know your legal options in Nebraska.

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