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Omaha Workers' Compensation Blog

The long-term impacts of a workplace injury

Many workplace injuries are short-term events. You’re just looking for compensation to cover your immediate costs and the wages you miss while you’re out of work. However, it’s important to remember that there can be long-term costs with some injuries, and they go far beyond the more basic financial considerations….

A safe company culture can reduce accidents

According to OSHA, employers may be financially liable, through workers’ compensation, for injuries that occur in on-the-job car accidents. Considering how prevalent car accidents are in today’s world – there is a crash every five seconds, an accident results in injury every 10 seconds, and a person is killed in…

Myths about workers' compensation

Many business owners buy into some of the main myths about workers’ compensation, and employees are also in danger of accepting these things as fact and then not fully understanding their rights in Nebraska. Below are a few key myths to watch out for. Well-trained, professional workers won’t need compensation….

Why was your workers' comp claim denied?

It is possible for workers’ compensation claims to be denied, and you can then appeal the decisions and take other important steps if you believe it was wrongfully denied. It’s important to first consider why it was denied. A few common examples are listed below: You did not act quickly…

Study finds that pressure at work can be deadly

People have long thought that there was a connection between working too hard and experiencing health issues. However, it was hard to tell if workers who put in the extra hours already had health conditions or if they were caused by the job itself. Some new studies shed a bit…