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Myths about workers' compensation

Many business owners buy into some of the main myths about workers’ compensation, and employees are also in danger of accepting these things as fact and then not fully understanding their rights in Nebraska. Below are a few key myths to watch out for.

  1. Well-trained, professional workers won’t need compensation.

It is true that lack of training and employees who act in an non-professional manner could be injured, but never assume that people will never be hurt just because they have training and a more professional outlook. Accidents happen, they are very hard to predict, and employees may have little control over them.

  1. Compensation is only used in high-risk occupations.

Again, it is true that high-risk jobs – like working in construction – may result in more claims than low-risk jobs, but no one should assume that means injuries don’t occur in almost every field. A worker who simply sits at a desk all day, in relative safety, could slip and fall on a wet floor on the way to the break room.

  1. Compensation isn’t needed when the company is a tight-knit group.

Bosses and employees may have a great, family-like atmosphere. However, this does not change anyone’s legal rights. A boss should never assume workers won’t seek compensation after an injury because they have a close relationship, and workers shouldn’t feel like they have to give up on what they deserve for the same reason.

If you’re injured on the job, always make sure you know your rights. As you can see from the above, assuming anything about workers’ comp is dangerous, and it’s far better to be informed and ready to take positive action to make the best of your situation.

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