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The long-term impacts of a workplace injury

Many workplace injuries are short-term events. You’re just looking for compensation to cover your immediate costs and the wages you miss while you’re out of work.

However, it’s important to remember that there can be long-term costs with some injuries, and they go far beyond the more basic financial considerations. Don’t overlook the long-term costs because you’re focused on the short-term ones.

For example, an injury could lead to temporary or permanent disability. This means you can’t work at all, and you may never work again with a permanent disability. While getting compensation to cover the immediate medical costs is important, you could also have years and year of lost future wages to consider. If you planned on spending the next few decades in the workforce, this is a huge financial blow to your future.

With some injuries, you’re not entirely disabled, but you do have to switch careers. If you have limited mobility after the accident, for example, you may be able to do a desk job, rather than working outdoors.

The thing is, switching jobs is not always that easy, even if you’re in the same company and the same profession. You need vocational training, you need experience, and you need time to adjust. In some cases, compensation may be ordered to cover the cost of this vocational training so that you can get back to work – even if you’re doing something new.

An injury can lead to big life changes, and this can be stressful. Don’t let money add more stress to the process. To find out how we can help you in Nebraska, please get in touch with us now.