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Why was your workers' comp claim denied?

It is possible for workers’ compensation claims to be denied, and you can then appeal the decisions and take other important steps if you believe it was wrongfully denied. It’s important to first consider why it was denied. A few common examples are listed below:

  1. You did not act quickly enough. Your employer may argue that you did not file the legal claim soon enough or that you were too slow to report the injury. This is why it’s important to get things moving in the proper direction as soon as you’re hurt. Don’t put it off.

  2. You weren’t actually injured on the job. If an employer thinks you were injured at home and are just trying to claim it happened at work to get compensation, for example, the employer may dispute your claim.

  3. You were acting dangerously. One common dispute is that workers were engaged in horseplay or ignoring safety regulations when they were injured.

  4. You never actually needed to be treated. Workers comp is designed to help you with major injuries that mean you need medical attention and could miss time at work. If it’s such a minor injury that you’re never treated, your claim may be denied or disputed.

Naturally, you may not be thrilled when a claim is denied because you may feel that the reason for the denial does not line up with the facts surrounding the incident. For example, you may contest that you weren’t engaging in horseplay and were simply working safety when some outside element caused you to be hurt. When this situation arises, you need to know all of the legal steps you can take in Nebraska.

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