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September 2016 Archives

Symptoms of a computer related repetitive stress injury

Do you work on a computer all day? If so, this probably means you spend a lot of time typing and navigating a mouse. While this sounds harmless enough, especially when compared to more physically demanding jobs, it's important to realize that this could eventually lead to a repetitive stress injury.

Five facts that might surprise you about truck driver injuries

New national data provides a startling look at the work-related injuries suffered by truck drivers. The U.S. Department of Labor notes that while many would assume there are other seemingly more treacherous professions, truck driver injuries rank in a way that might surprise you. 

Spinal cord workplace injuries could make returning impossible

Spinal cord injuries in the workplace can have an impact that lasts for the rest of a person's life, as complete healing is not always possible. That's not to say it never happens, or that improvement won't be seen, but some people have issues that they must deal with forever, perhaps requiring medical assistance. Some of the common short-term and long-term issues include the following: