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Knee and shoulder injuries can be serious

As you may know, there are many types of injuries that could keep you away from your job for an extended period of time. While many people understand the seriousness of head, neck, and back injuries, some overlook the impact of a knee or shoulder ailment.

If you work on your feet, if you carry heavy loads on a regular basis, there is a greater chance that you could suffer a knee or shoulder injury on the job. Unfortunately, if this happens, you may not be able to work until it is fully healed.

There are many types of knee and shoulder injuries. For example, a torn ACL is extremely serious. Not only does this require surgery, but it means you’ll have to stay off your feet for a good period of time.

Shoulder injuries are just as serious, such as a torn rotator cuff or dislocation. With both of these, you won’t be lifting anything heavy for quite some time.

If you suffer a knee or shoulder injury on the job, it’s important to immediately report this to your company. Along with this, don’t hesitate to receive immediate medical attention.

There is more to a workplace injury than meets the eye. In addition to the need for treatment, don’t overlook the costs associated with lost income and other medical expenses.

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