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January 2017 Archives

Are you in one of the most hazardous occupations in the country?

While every industry comes with its own set of risks and dangers for workers, some stand head and shoulders above the rest regarding dangerous and potentially fatal hazards. If you've ever suffered a serious injury on the job, or you have lost a loved one who was fatally hurt while working, you probably know first-hand the incredible amount of emotional and financial suffering that can take place in the aftermath of these tragic incidents.

There are many ways to protect against toxins in the workplace

Do you work in an area in which toxins are present on a regular basis? If so, you need to keep your safety in mind at all times. Remember, it only takes one accident for exposure to cause a serious illness or injury.

Why do ladder accidents happen on worksites?

If you work in the construction industry (among others), you may find yourself using a ladder on a daily basis. For some, this becomes second nature. Although you may feel comfortable using a ladder, here's something you need to remember: An accident can cause serious injury or even death. This is why you must be careful every time you use this equipment.