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There are many types of treatment for a facial fracture

If you suffer a facial fracture on the job, it’s important to understand just how serious this type of injury can be.

At first, you may not experience much pain or discomfort. However, as the minutes pass, you will soon realize that this is causing pain while also changing your appearance.

Any type of facial fracture is one that requires immediate medical attention. The sooner you visit with a doctor the easier it becomes to understand your injury and make decisions regarding treatment.

The type of treatment you receive depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to: the location of your injury, the severity of your injury and any side effects it may be causing.

The primary goal of your doctor is to position the bones back into their natural position. In some cases, this is not necessary, as the fracture is not serious. In other cases, such as when the bones are seriously misaligned, surgery may be necessary. During this procedure, your surgeon may need to use wires, screws, and/or plates to repair your injury.

A facial fracture is nothing to take lightly. This can alter your life in many ways, such as hindering your ability to see or breathe.

If you suffer this type of injury, don’t wait to report it to your employer. This will work in your favor if you need to file a workers’ compensation claim in the future. With this approach, you may be able to receive compensation while you recover from your injury and wait to return to work.

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