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3 reasons your workers' comp claim could face denial

Your line of work may place you in a position in which you face serious safety or health risks. Though you may follow all the implemented precautionary measures, your employer could possibly have overlooked a necessary safety step or failed to provide you with adequate safety gear. On the other hand, you may have simply ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time, and as a result, you may have found yourself involved in a serious work-related accident.

This type of accident may have led to your suffering a serious injury. Though you may worry about your recovery, you may have felt more at ease financially after filing a claim for workers' compensation. However, that relief could have only been momentary if you received a denied claim.

Reasons for denial

If your workers' compensation claim does not get approved, you may first want to understand the reason behind the denial. Numerous factors could come into play as basis for a denial, such as:

  • Timing: If you did not report the injury to your employer in a timely manner, your claim could face denial. Similarly, even if you told your employer, if your workers' compensation claim does not get filed within the allotted amount of time after your injury, the insurance company could deny your claim.
  • Employer dispute: Another reason your claim may get denied involves what your employer has to say about the accident. If he or she states that the accident did not occur as part of your work duties or while on the job, that statement may cause a denial. Additionally, if your employer states that you acted in an inappropriate manner and those actions resulted in your injury, you may not qualify for compensation.
  • Lack of evidence: A lack of evidence could also harm your claim. If your injury occurred over time, you may have a more difficult time proving that it has work-related connections. Furthermore, if the injury occurred during a work accident but you did not report the incident right away, enough evidence may not exist to back up your claim should your employer dispute it.

Other reasons could also play into your situation, and therefore, you may wish to closely assess your situation and determine the specific reason for your claim's denial.

Appealing a denial

Luckily, you do have options for dealing with a denied workers' comp claim. In order to appeal the decision, you will need to go through certain legal processes, and as a result, you may wish to enlist the assistance of a seasoned Nebraska attorney.

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