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A construction accident can cause many injuries

As a construction worker, it goes without saying that you are familiar with the many risks associated with your employment. This doesn’t mean that you will suffer an injury at some point in the future, but it could happen.

It’s important to be prepared for anything that could come your way. Here are some of the injuries that can be caused by a construction accident:

– Broken bones and fractures

– Amputations

–Lacerations or cuts

– Electrocutions or burns

– Shoulder, ankle and knee injuries

– Traumatic brain injury

– Spinal cord trauma

– Eye injuries, such as loss of vision

– Hearing injuries, such as loss of hearing

– Paralysis

– Toxic exposure

While some of these construction site injuries are more serious than others, each and every one requires immediate medical attention. If you find yourself injured in any type of accident, you should:

– Call for medical help

– Report the accident and your injuries to your employer in a timely manner

– Follow through with your treatment plan, as directed by your medical team

You also need to understand your legal rights, such as if you can file a workers’ compensation claim. There is no guarantee that you can receive benefits, but if you were injured on the job, there is a good chance you will qualify.

If you receive a denial letter, don’t stop there. Find out why your claim was denied, determine how to best file an appeal and then take the right steps in moving toward your goal of eventually receiving the compensation you deserve.

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