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Omaha Workers' Compensation Blog

How do you know if you have a concussion?

Depending on your profession, you may have some concerns about suffering a blow to the head. For instance, if you work in the construction industry, you know that this could happen at any time. If you get hit in the head, it’s important to understand if you have been injured….

How to report an injury at work and what to do next

Regardless of your industry and profession, you should always assume you could suffer an on-the-job injury at some point. With this assumption, you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way (even the worst of injuries). If you are injured on the job, regardless of the circumstances, you need to…

Are you at risk of toxic exposure in the workplace?

As a hard worker, you certainly try to complete any necessary task to the best of your ability. In return, you undoubtedly hope that your employer ensures that your workplace remains safe and poses as few hazards as possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and even when precautions…

A shinbone fracture can lead to many challenges

It’s easy to believe you will never suffer a shinbone injury, especially if you have been able to avoid injury to this part of your body in the past. However, depending on your profession, this could happen when you least expect it. A shinbone fracture can lead to a variety…