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December 2017 Archives

A Minatare plumber is covered in dirt, dies working in a trench

On March 21, 2016, at an Alliance, Nebraska, construction site, a veteran plumber had been working in trenches that were eight feet deep at a newly constructed home on Toluca Avenue. The 61-year-old was apparently on all fours installing sewer pipes within one of those when his co-worker dumped what's been estimated to be 3,000 pounds of dirt on top of him.

What is ergonomics and how can it protect you in the workplace?

Do you earn your income by spending your days on a Nebraska assembly or production line in which you have to perform the same motions repeatedly while you are in an awkward body position, or having to stretch to do your job? If your employer disregards workplace ergonomics, you might be at risk of suffering a musculoskeletal disorder. It could be carpal tunnel syndrome or one of many other diseases that cause chronic pain, repeated surgeries and time off work.