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What is ergonomics and how can it protect you in the workplace?

Do you earn your income by spending your days on a Nebraska assembly or production line in which you have to perform the same motions repeatedly while you are in an awkward body position, or having to stretch to do your job? If your employer disregards workplace ergonomics, you might be at risk of suffering a musculoskeletal disorder. It could be carpal tunnel syndrome or one of many other diseases that cause chronic pain, repeated surgeries and time off work.

Ergonomics involve the adaptation of workstations, tasks, equipment and tools to suit the worker and limit physical stress while also eliminating potential MSDs that can be serious and disabling. Working on assembly and production lines typically involves physical strain, stress, overexertion and often exposure to excessive vibration, heavy lifting, repetitive motions and awkward body postures.

Steps to an ergonomically safe workplace

What if your employer disregards ergonomics?

If you are not one of the fortunate workers whose employers recognize the advantages of preventing workplace injuries, you may develop musculoskeletal disorders that result in time off work and medical expenses. Fortunately, the Nebraska workers’ compensation covers ergonomic workplace injuries, and you may seek legal counsel to assist with the navigation of benefits claims for financial assistance.