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There is more than 1 type of workplace burn

Depending on your job, you may realize that the potential to suffer a burn injury is very real.

It goes without saying that any type of burn injury is serious, so you want to prevent trouble at all costs. This starts with understanding that there is more than one type of workplace burn. Here are four to be aware of:

  • Thermal burn. Caused by heat from liquids, hot objects and open flames, this type of burn is among the most common. You can prevent this type of injury by always wearing the right personal protective equipment.
  • Chemical burns. These are exactly what they sound like, with chemical burns the result of contact with any type of caustic or corrosive material.
  • Sun exposure burns. If you're working in the hot sun, one hour after the next, you need to protect your skin.
  • Electrical burns. This is when an electric current travels through your body, eventually running into resistance in tissues. You must be careful any time you are working with electricity, as a simple mistake can lead to a serious electrical burn.

Understanding that there is more than one type of workplace burn will go a long way in helping you avoid trouble.

If you suffer a burn injury on the job, don't hesitate to report the incident and call for medical help. You don't want to treat the issue on your own, as this requires medical attention.

In the event that you are unable to return to work as a result of your burn, you should learn more about the workers' compensation system.

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