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When Should you Report your Work Injury in Nebraska?

Not reporting your workers’ compensation claim within the appropriate timelines can jeopardize your rights to benefits.

Work related injuries can occur suddenly, such as from an on-the-job accident. They can also happen over a period of time, such as from repetitive stress and strain, or in the event you are diagnosed with an occupational illness. In either case, reporting your condition immediately to your employer as soon as it happens or when you are first diagnosed is important in protecting your rights when it comes to filing a workers’ compensation claim . The sooner you begin the process, the better.

First Steps in Reporting Your Claim

Regardless of the severity of an injury (or a work related illness), it is important to follow these steps:

Keep all correspondence you receive from your employer or your doctor. This could prove crucial when filing your petition.

Contact Our Omaha Workers’ Compensation Attorney

As soon as a work related injury or accident occurs, it is important to contact Andres Law Offices, PC LLO . Request a consultation with our Omaha workers’ compensation attorney so we can begin working on your case.