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When do Workers’ Comp Benefits Start?

Getting workers’ compensation benefits as quickly as possible plays a major role in recovering from your injuries.

When on-the-job injuries happen, workers’ compensation benefits can help ensure you are compensated for your losses. In addition to covering your medical expenses, they can reimburse you for lost wages you suffer while offering ongoing compensation for temporary or permanent disabilities. Getting these benefits as quickly as possible is a top priority for the injured party. The following outlines the wait periods you are likely to face as well as things you can do to speed up the processing of your Nebraska workers’ compensation claim.

Waiting Periods for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

When on-the-job injuries or illnesses happen, it is vitally important to notify your employer immediately. In addition to delaying your benefits, not notifying your employer could result in your claim being denied. You should also seek medical care as soon as possible. This is another key factor in getting your claim approved.

Be aware that the first week you are off work is not covered, unless you miss more than six weeks on the job as a result of your injuries.

Ways You can Help Speed Up Your Claim

Guidelines for handling workers’ compensation claims in our state are listed under the Nebraska Statutes. While these detail strict rules and regulations that must be followed, including workers’ compensation timelines, there are actions you can take to speed up your claim. In addition to prompt reporting of your injuries, these include:

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