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When is it OK to Sue an Employer for a Work Injury in Nebraska?

If someone’s reckless actions resulted in work injuries or you were denied workers’ compensation benefits, you may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit.

Work related accidents can happen in any type of job. Injuries you suffer as a result can have major impacts on every area of your life. These injuries can keep you from working or enjoying your favorite activities while causing chronic health issues that demand ongoing medical care. Workers’ compensation benefits can help offset your expenses, but there are situations in which you may be entitled to file a personal injury lawsuit instead. 

Four Situations When Suing Your Employer May be an Option

Workers’ compensation is a federally mandated program that is administered on the state level. It acts as a form of insurance to help workers who suffer job related injuries and protects employers against legal liability. Rather than suing the employer for the damages they suffer, employees can file a claim through the Workers’ Compensation Court and obtain coverage for lost wages and medical benefits.

However, there are scenarios in which you may be entitled to additional types of compensation by filing a personal injury claim. This only applies in limited situations and is something you will want to discuss with an experienced Nebraska workers’ compensation attorney immediately after your accident or injury occurs. The following are four circumstances when suing your employer may be an option:

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