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What Could Self-Driving Trucks Mean for the Trucking Industry?

Trucking companies are starting to test more self-driving trucks on the road, which will bring many benefits and risks for the public.

For the past year or two, trucking companies have been testing out the possibility of getting self-driving trucks out on the road. Trucking companies of course tout the many benefits of these autonomous trucks, but there are also many drawbacks to having trucks on the road without a human body behind the wheel. So, what could self-driving trucks mean for the trucking industry?

Testing Self-Driving Trucks

Trucking companies have been testing self-driving trucks since approximately 2018. During this testing phase, any self-driving truck still requires a professional truck driver behind the wheel, in case something goes wrong or when certain situations require detailed navigation, such as when there is a detour or a police officer directing traffic. However, at least one company, TuSimple, believes they will have fully self-driving trucks, without a human driver inside, on the road by 2021. It is likely that many other trucking companies will be quick to follow, or possibly even have self-driving trucks on the road before that time.

The Problems of Self-Driving Trucks

The issues that arise with self-driving vehicles are many, and they do not only involve those in the trucking company. Computer glitches may occur that put the lives of many on the road in jeopardy, or certain situations may arise, such as a detour, that an autonomous truck has no way of predicting because there is not a human brain behind the wheel.

When it comes to trucks specifically, these problems are exacerbated. Trucks are much larger than other vehicles and so, they can cause much more serious injuries when they cause an accident on the roads. Additionally, with over 3.5 million truck drivers employed in America, self-driving vehicles could put many of these individuals out of work.

The Benefits of Self-Driving Trucks

Although self-driving trucks do come with their own unique set of issues, there are still benefits to having these vehicles on the road. With a smart system that can detect traffic and not engage in careless human behavior, such as distracted driving and driving under the influence, autonomous trucks may prevent some of the crashes seen on the roads. This is undoubtedly the biggest benefit of self-driving trucks for the public.

Even with these benefits, the future of self-driving trucks is unknown, both for truckers and for other drivers on the road. Anyone that is injured in an accident should speak to a truck accident lawyer that can help them secure the compensation they need.

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