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What Can a Workers’ Comp Lawyer Do for Me?

Injured workers have the right to file a workers’ comp claim, but they should always work with a lawyer who can help with their case.

No one should ever become hurt at work, but it happens all the time. When it does, you can file a workers’ compensation claim, but the process is not always easy. Insurance companies and perhaps even your employer may try to deny your claim or attempt to reduce the amount of compensation you receive. When working with a workers’ compensation lawyer, these pitfalls become much less likely. A workers’ comp lawyer will always ensure your rights are upheld and will give you the best chance of success with your claim.

Gather Evidence

Even before filing your workers’ comp claim, you may run into problems. Your employer may claim that your injuries did not happen at work or, the insurance company may deny your claim. One of the most common reasons these issues occur is insufficient medical evidence. While you are focusing on your recovery, a lawyer will gather medical records, arrange for treatment with certain doctors and conduct depositions of medical experts, if necessary.

Other evidence that can help with your claim includes testimony from a vocational expert, or testimony from family members and friends about how your injuries have impacted your life. Having this evidence is crucial, as it will prove your claim and improve your chances of securing the workers’ comp benefits you need.


A workers’ comp lawyer will accurately estimate how much your claim is worth and how many benefits you should receive. They will then enter into negotiations with the insurance company to secure the fair settlement you deserve. Lawyers are very familiar with the tactics insurers use to reduce or deny claims, and they will not fall for them.

Represent You During the Hearing

If the insurance company or your employer disputes your claim, you may have to attend an administrative hearing. A lawyer will represent you during this hearing, write petitions and motions, depose witnesses, and refute the claims of the insurance company or your employer.

Appeal the Decision

Sadly, too many workers are denied the rightful benefits to which they are entitled. When that happens, you have the right to appeal the decision, but the process has many challenges. A lawyer will guide you through the appeals process and give you the best chance of a positive outcome.

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While the above are the main ways an Omaha workers’ comp lawyer can help you when trying to obtain the benefits you deserve, there are many other ways an attorney will help, as well. If you have been hurt at work, our experienced attorney at Andres Law Office, PC, LLO can help. We are dedicated to helping injured workers receive the fair settlement they deserve and will take care of the entire process so you can focus on recovering from your injuries. Call us today at (402) 491-4003 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help.