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Who Pays Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Temporary Workers in Nebraska?

According to Nebraska law, employers must pay for workers’ compensation insurance for temporary, part-time, and seasonal workers, but independent contractors and certain other categories of workers do not enjoy this protection.

Work injuries can happen to anyone, whether you have been working at your job for decades, or even if it is your first day at work. If you take a seasonal or temporary job, it is a bummer to get injured at work and be out of commission when you thought you would be raking in the dough during this brief opportunity, but at least workers’ comp will pay for the treatment of your work injury, so your mailbox will not fill with medical bills where the paychecks should be. Whether you are stocking shelves at a retail store between Black Friday and Christmas, working at an ice cream stand in the summer while you are home from college, or even selling souvenir T-shirts at a weeklong music festival, your employer must provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage for you. If you got injured at a temporary job, contact the Omaha workers’ compensation lawyers at Andres Law Offices, PC LLO.

No Job is Too Temporary for Workers’ Comp

If you filled out a W-9 when you started your job, then you are eligible to file a workers’ compensation claim. In fact, you are more than just eligible; filing a workers’ compensation claim is a legally protected action, and your employer cannot fire you or otherwise retaliate against you if you file one. Temporary employees, seasonal employees, and part-time employees are covered under Nebraska’s workers’ compensation laws.

If your employer does not carry workers’ compensation insurance, and another company has hired your employer to provide personnel for some of its operations, you have the right to file a workers’ comp claim with the company that hired your employer. For example, imagine that the Corn Husk Mall hires your employer, Bob’s Power Washing, to power wash its parking lot for several days, and if you get injured during that project, the obvious course of action is to file a workers’ comp claim with your employer, Bob’s Power Washing. If Bob’s does not carry workers’ comp insurance, you can file a workers’ comp claim with the Corn Husk Mall, in its capacity as your statutory employer.

Not all workers must be covered by workers’ comp. Nebraska employers are exempt from carrying workers’ compensation insurance for the following categories of employees:

If you are a temporary employee, your employer is probably responsible for paying for workers’ comp for you, even if they deny this. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you resolve disputes of this nature.

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