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How Much Can I Get for My WC Claim on a Construction Site in Nebraska?

Medical bills are shockingly expensive; you might still be paying off debts from an emergency room visit from several years ago. If you were out $1,000 or more because of a stomach virus or accidentally pinching your finger in the bedroom door, imagine how costly the treatment of the kinds of injuries that happen at construction sites are. Workers’ compensation laws establish a straightforward process for employers to cover the costs of treatment of injuries that workers sustain on the job.

Of course, the expenses related to serious injuries are not limited to medical bills; every day of work that you miss because of your injury negatively affects your finances. Workers’ compensation laws cover lost income, too, but every worker’s compensation case is unique. For help getting a reasonable payout on workers’ compensation claim, contact the Omaha workers’ compensation lawyers at Andres Law Offices, PC LLO.

Workers’ compensation benefits pay for all medical treatment that is related to your work injury. In the case of construction site injuries, the treatment could include surgery, hospital stays, prescription drugs, physical therapy, medical devices such as wheelchairs or crutches, diagnostic imaging, outpatient visits to specialist physicians such as orthopedists or podiatrists, and even mental health counseling to help you cope with living with a serious injury. Disputes sometimes arise about which of your symptoms are related to the work injury or about which treatments are necessary; a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you resolve these disputes.

Wage Loss Benefits

If you must miss work for multiple weeks because of your injury, or if you can only do light duty work for a few weeks or a few months before returning to your previous job duties, workers’ compensation will pay indemnity benefits, also known as wage loss benefits. If you are totally unable to work during this time, you can total disability payments for up to two-thirds of your usual pay; the maximum amount you can receive is $938.00 per week. If you can only do lower-paying work tasks during the recovery period, you can get partial disability benefits for two thirds the amount of the difference in pay between your original job and your light duty job.

Training for a New Job

Workers’ compensation also pays for job training if, because of your injuries, you will never be able to work construction again but are healthy enough to work at a different, less physically demanding job. A vocational counselor will help you set appropriate career goals and get the necessary training for them.

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