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Should I Call My WC Attorney After All My Doctors’ Appointments?

It is a good idea to contact your workers’ compensation lawyer by phone or email after every doctor’s appointment, because each interaction with a workers’ compensation doctor could include details that could affect the outcome of your claim.

Getting treatment for a work injury through your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company sounds like it should be easier than dealing with your own health insurance company, but in many instances, it is even harder. Have you ever been horrified when you received an explanation of benefits from your insurer, only to find out that your insurance contributed very little to the cost of your treatment? When you call the insurance company and ask why the insurance did not pay for this or that treatment, the representative usually gives you vague answers, such as “it wasn’t medically necessary,” or, “the billing codes didn’t match.” Dealing with workers’ compensation is even more difficult because not only can workers’ comp insurance refuse to pay for necessary treatments, but workers’ comp doctors can refuse to provide them, and it is very difficult for patients to communicate directly with the people making the financial decisions. The best solution to this probably is to communicate early and often with your Omaha workers’ compensation lawyer.

Attention to Detail Matters in Workers’ Compensation Cases

In a workers’ compensation case, the only person who is truly on your side is your workers’ compensation lawyer. When your requests get denied, whether it is a request for temporary disability benefits, a request to delay your return to work, or a request for further treatments, you often receive an unpleasant surprise that the appropriate time for you to speak up was months ago.

Therefore, it is a good idea to call or email your workers’ compensation lawyer after every single doctor’s appointment. Your lawyer can spot all kinds of red flags that could spell trouble later in your case, even if they are subtle. Even if your lawyer assures you that everything went well at the appointment, you cannot be too careful. Likewise, you can have your lawyer contact your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company at the first sign of trouble. This might seem like excessive caution, but it is better than waiting for months only to find out that your claim has been denied. The more serious your injuries, the more important it is to have a phone call or virtual meeting with your lawyer after every appointment, especially if your injuries require surgery or are so severe that you will never again be able to perform the same job duties that you used to perform before the work accident.

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