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Will I Be Paid if I Lose Time From Work?

Being able to rely on a steady paycheck ensures monthly bills and living expenses for you and your loved ones are paid. Unfortunately, accidental injuries and illnesses can cause missed time on the job, resulting in lost wages. Will you be paid for these losses in income? Our Nebraska workers’ compensation attorney explains the options available and your rights to receive wage replacement benefits.

On-the-job accidents and occupational injuries can happen in any occupation. When you have to take time off from your job and suffer lost wages as a result of a work-related medical condition, you may be entitled to benefits through the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court (WCC).

Employers are generally required to provide workers’ compensation in Omaha to sick or injured employees whose condition is either directly or indirectly related to their jobs or tasks performed on work sites. The different types of workers’ compensation benefits available include:

When Will I Receive Wage Replacement Benefits?

Wage replacement benefits available through workers’ compensation help ensure you and your family are provided for and that your monthly financial obligations are met. However, there is generally a waiting period you will have to go through before receiving your first check.

Under the Nebraska Statutes, a one-week waiting period applies to all newly filed workers’ compensation benefits claims. Unfortunately, you will not receive a check during this period but are entitled to wage replacement benefits for lost wages that occur after. State law does provide coverage for the waiting period if your injury or illness ends up resulting in lost wages for six weeks or longer. If you do not meet this qualification, you may be able to offset financial losses through the following:

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