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Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Nebraska: How to Prove You Were on the Clock

Our Nebraska workers’ compensation attorney explains the evidence that can help prove you were on the clock for remote workers and other employees.

When accidental injuries happen on the job or in the course of performing work duties, you have the right to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits in Nebraska. These can help cover the costs of your medical care, make up for lost wages, and provide ongoing payments for long-term disabilities. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to prove you were actually on the clock, particularly if you are a remote or hybrid worker. Our Nebraska workers’ compensation attorney explains some of the different types of evidence that can be used to support your claim.

When Accidental Injuries Happen on the Job

On-the-job accidents and injuries can happen in any occupation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 19,000 people suffer work-related injuries in Nebraska each year. Workers’ compensation benefits provide a safety net, helping you get medical care and reimbursing lost wages.

If you suffer a job-related injury, take these steps to protect your rights in a claim:

To get the workers’ compensation benefits, you will need to prove you were on the clock. Unfortunately, this can prove challenging in some cases, particularly if you work from home or are a hybrid worker.

Evidence Proving Injuries Happened on the Job

During the COVID pandemic, many people worked at home. According to a June 2023 Forbes report, close to 15 percent of employees continue to do so, while nearly a third utilize a hybrid work model. Spending part of your work hours at home or otherwise working alone can create challenges when accidental injuries happen.

While you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits in Nebraska, proving you were on the clock could be a problem. In these types of cases, be sure and follow the above steps for reporting and documenting your injuries. Additional evidence that can be used in support of your claim and to prove you were on the clock when your injuries happened includes:

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