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Safety Training Protects Workers and Employers

Employers should provide thorough and ongoing training for their employees about workplace safety laws, wearing protective equipment, and safe operation of workplace machinery.

At manual labor jobs, time is money. The system of overtime pay was designed with industries such as construction, manufacturing, and building maintenance in mind; the only way that this necessary work gets done is if people spend time doing it. Therefore, employers sometimes try to cut costs by requiring their employees to spend every minute on the clock assembling parts, transporting material, and performing the other aspects of their jobs that are most measurable in terms of productivity. Sometimes, they lose sight of doing these things safely and responsibly.

The legal and ethical thing to do is for employers to provide adequate and ongoing training to employees about the safe operation of workplace equipment and other safety precautions they should take. Many of the workplace accidents that result in costly workers’ compensation claims, or even in lawsuits, could be prevented if employers had maintained a safe workplace, complete with appropriate safety training. An Omaha workers’ compensation lawyer can provide guidance to employees about their rights in a work environment where employers do not comply with safety regulations.

Workplace Safety Training is an Investment of Time, But it Saves Lives

It takes everyone’s ongoing attention to maintain a safe work environment, especially where heavy machinery, hazardous chemicals, or high-voltage electricity are involved. Safety training is key to preventing catastrophic accidents in the workplace. These are some types of safety training that employers should provide:

Observing safety regulations and providing safety training can prevent injuries and legal disputes arising from them.

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