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Public Employees at Higher Risk For On-the-Job Injuries

Public employees are those who work for the local, state, or federal government. They often perform valuable service within the community, but the nature of their jobs can make work-related injuries more likely to occur. Our Nebraska workers’ compensation attorney explains more about the risks.

Workers in Public Service Often Put Themselves at Risk

Private service employees typically work for companies whose primary objective is making a profit. Public service employees often have more altruistic motives and perform work designed to protect and serve the community. Unfortunately, this can come at a heavy cost.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), public workers are generally more susceptible to work-related accidents and injuries. Ways in which they could suffer serious harm on the job include:

Public Service Workers and Their Rights to Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Serious personal injuries can happen in any of the above or other public occupations. Among the most common types of public worker injuries in Nebraska include broken bones, torn muscles and tendons, burns, gunshots or knife wounds, severe bruising, and head, back, or neck injuries.  These can have serious impacts on your health, requiring extensive medical care while leaving you unable to work.

Benefits available through the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court can help offset your costs. These include:

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Public workers help protect and serve our community. Unfortunately, when on-the-job injuries happen, getting the benefits they are entitled to often proves challenging. At Andres Law Offices, PC LLO, we provide the trusted, local legal representation you need in filing a claim. To request a consultation, call or contact our Nebraska workers’ compensation attorney online today.