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How Do You Prove an Injury at Work?

To prove that your injury is the result of a work accident and not of some other cause, file an incident report at work as soon as the accident happens and have a doctor examine your injuries promptly.

Whether your injury happened at work seems, at first, to be a simple question, but you would be surprised how often employers dispute employees’ workers’ compensation claims by alleging that the injury is not work-related. How can an injury not be work-related when multiple coworkers see you fall? Unfortunately, money messes up everyone’s priorities, and employers may resort to twisted logic just to avoid paying you the benefits that you have a legal right to receive. Your employer might say anything to convince the judge of compensation claims that you were not at work when the injury happened or, if you undeniably suffered a work injury, that your symptoms are not the result of the work injury, or that the treatment you are requesting is not medically necessary. An Omaha workers’ compensation lawyer can help you prove that your injuries are work-related and therefore eligible for workers’ compensation coverage.

Notify Your Employer Promptly of Your Injuries

The sooner you notify your employer that you have been injured at work, the better. Ideally, you should ask human resources to fill out the incident report even as you are waiting for the ambulance to arrive. If your injuries are so severe that, at the moment, you cannot even ask someone to help you fill out an incident report form, you should do it when you get home from the emergency room or are discharged from the hospital. After your employer receives the report, they must file a First Report of Injury with the Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Court within ten days. The longer you wait to file a report, the more room there is for your employer to speculate that you got injured when you were not at work and tried to blame your injuries on the work accident in order to get workers’ comp to pay for your treatment.

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