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What if Your Employer Does Not Believe You That You Are Injured?

If your employer does not believe you about the cause or seriousness of your injury, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help you present a strong case.

Workers’ compensation laws were meant to relieve the burden on employers, as well as employees. By taking fault out of the equation, employers no longer have to hide the fact that accidents happen at work to protect their reputation and avoid lawsuits; instead, they must only carry workers’ compensation insurance and pay the claims of employees who suffer accidental injuries at work or receive a diagnosis for an occupational disease. Your employer may try to deny that your injury is work-related and may even accuse you of faking your injury or illness. In most cases, the best way to resolve this problem is by pursuing a workers’ compensation claim with the help of an Omaha workers’ compensation lawyer.

Your Medical Records Will Tell the Truth

The best way to prove that an accident happened at work is to report it to your employer as soon as it happens. If you require immediate medical treatment, ask a coworker to notify your supervisor or the human resources department about the accident and take pictures of the work area where the accident happened while you go to the emergency room.

If your employer disputes your workers’ compensation claim, your medical records are the best way to show that you are telling the truth. The report from the emergency room will clearly show when the accident happened, and the doctor’s assessment of your injuries can corroborate your statements about how the accident occurred. Likewise, your medical records from before the accident can show that your symptoms are the result of the work accident and not a pre-existing medical condition.

You might want to sue your employer for treating you unfairly or falsely accusing you of lying, but in most cases, this will not solve the problem. Workers’ compensation claims and personal injury lawsuits are mutually exclusive, and unless your injury happened because of extraordinary negligence on the part of your employer, a workers’ compensation claim is usually the surest way to get the money you need, even if your injuries are severe.

If your employer takes an adverse action against you, such as firing you or demoting you, because of your workers’ compensation claim, this is employer retaliation, which is against the law. The same is true if your employer retaliates against you for requesting a medical leave pursuant to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). These are employment law issues, though, and a personal injury lawsuit will not resolve them.

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