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Workers' Compensation Archives

My Employer and the Insurance Company Have Denied My Claim for WC; What Should I Do?

If your employer or their insurance company unfairly denies your claim for workers’ compensation benefits, you should contact a workers’ compensation lawyer about taking your case to Workers’ Compensation Court to get a decision from a judge.

Should I Call My WC Attorney After All My Doctors’ Appointments?

It is a good idea to contact your workers’ compensation lawyer by phone or email after every doctor’s appointment, because each interaction with a workers’ compensation doctor could include details that could affect the outcome of your claim.

What if You Cannot Return to a Physically Demanding Job After a Work Injury?

If your work injury renders you permanently unable to do the physically demanding tasks you were performing when you got injured, workers’ compensation may pay for vocational rehabilitation or partial disability benefits.

Can You File a Workers’ Compensation Claim While on a Business Trip?

Whether you only travel for work occasionally or take business trips frequently, there is always a chance that an accident could happen. You may know that you can claim workers’ compensation while at the office or in the warehouse, but what about when you are traveling for work?

Who Pays Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Temporary Workers in Nebraska?

According to Nebraska law, employers must pay for workers’ compensation insurance for temporary, part-time, and seasonal workers, but independent contractors and certain other categories of workers do not enjoy this protection.

Do Seasonal Workers Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits in NE?

Another holiday season is approaching, and in a society where less than half of the population has an extra $400 to cover an emergency expense, people are scrambling to find money for the holiday celebrations they missed out on last year during the pandemic.

Corrections Officers May Get Access to Mental Health Workers’ Comp

Nebraska’s workers’ compensation laws currently allow workers to claim workers’ compensation benefits for mental health treatment if the mental illness was the result of a physical injury on the job. A recently passed legislative bill will expand workers’ compensation benefits for mental health treatment for corrections officers.

Has Your Employer Denied You Family or Medical Leave?

Your employer must notify you of your option to take unpaid FMLA leave, even if you are already on leave and receiving workers’ compensation for a work injury. The good news is that several laws protect workers from losing their jobs and their financial stability when they suffer injuries or illnesses related or unrelated to their work. The bad news is that trying to apply all of the laws at the same time can be so complicated that some employment lawyers refer to it as “whack a mole”.

What Do Virus Liability Shield Laws Mean for Workers’ Comp?

Despite the accusations slung about on social media, the people who contracted COVID-19 through wantonly reckless activities such as attending parties in crowded bars or airport hopping to celebrate their digital nomad lifestyle when their employers assigned them to work remotely represent only a fraction of COVID-19 cases.

Can My Employer Make Me Sign a COVID-19 Waiver?

More than a year into the pandemic, workers in many sectors are eager to get back to the in-person workplace. Employees are understandably apprehensive about the risk of contracting COVID-19 at work, which would mean potentially exposing their children, who are too young to get vaccinated, to the virus.

How is Workers’ Comp Fraud Defined in Nebraska?

Workers’ compensation is available to all workers who are injured in a workplace accident in Nebraska. While some news stories have focused on workers’ compensation fraud, it is not as common as these news outlets would have you believe. Employees have a legitimate need for medical and lost income benefits when they are hurt at work.