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Fatigued commercial truck drivers are often the victims of greed

Are you a commercial truck driver in Nebraska whose greedy employer pushes you to work extended hours to meet unreasonable deadlines to make more profits? While this practice may put more money in the pockets of both your boss and yourself, it also puts you in harm's way. Too many hours of driving a big rig can cause fatigue. Unfortunately, this can lead to trucking accidents, which can cause severe injuries or death.

Truck drivers and fatigue

One of the worst elements of fatigue in relation to driving is that it can happen so fast, sneaking up on a vehicle operator and creating havoc. Truckers generally work long hours, and weariness can affect their safety as well as the safety of the drivers around them. The Department of Transportation reports that fatigue is a major factor in the thousands of large truck accidents that occur each year.

On-The-Job Deaths: Drivers Take The Lead

Commercial transport accounts for more on-the-job deaths than any other profession. As made clear in a recent report released by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, nearly 40 percent of occupational fatalities stem from roadway incidents.

Five facts that might surprise you about truck driver injuries

New national data provides a startling look at the work-related injuries suffered by truck drivers. The U.S. Department of Labor notes that while many would assume there are other seemingly more treacherous professions, truck driver injuries rank in a way that might surprise you. 

Truck drivers beware: on-the-job injuries are common

As a truck driver, you spend the majority of your day either behind the wheel or loading and unloading cargo. For the most part, this is an unavoidable consequence of your profession. But, it also puts you at risk of getting hurt.

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