Omaha Neck Injury Accident Attorney

Neck Injuries can become catastrophic very quickly

People sometimes refer to annoying tasks as a pain in the neck, but managing chronic neck pain at work is more than just an annoyance. It is difficult to perform any physical or mental task for an extended period while suffering from chronic neck pain. Recovering from a neck injury can be a long road, and sometimes it means adjusting to a new normal in which you can no longer perform the job duties you used to before the injury. If you suffered a neck injury as a result of an accident at work, or if your neck pain developed because of long hours of doing work tasks that put a strain on your neck, contact the Omaha workers’ compensation lawyers at Andres Law Offices, PC LLO.

Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is a muscle strain injury to the neck and upper back. It results from trauma that causes the upper body to move suddenly forward and then backward; it is so called because it causes the spine to move in the shape of a whip. The most common cause of whiplash injury is motor vehicle accidents, but you can still get whiplash injury in work accidents that do not involve driving. It can also result from an accidental fall, such as falling from a ladder or slipping on a wet floor at work.

Symptoms of whiplash injury, such as pain, numbness, and weakness in the neck, upper back, and shoulders usually begin several days after the accident, but they can last a long time. The best way to avoid disputes with your employer about whether your symptoms are work-related is to get a medical examination immediately after the accident.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Repetitive strain injuries can occur at any job where you must make the same motions many times in the course of a work shift. Assembly line workers can get repetitive strain injuries, and so can people who work at computers throughout their shifts. Neck strain can also occur because the position of your desk and computer requires you to keep your neck in an uncomfortable position for long periods of time.

Traumatic Injuries to the Vertebrae and Nerves of the Neck

Traumatic injuries that affect the bones and nerves of the neck can be truly debilitating. The most severe ones, which involve damage to the spinal cord, can cause paralysis of the entire body from the neck down. Even less severe injuries can cause chronic pain serious enough to limit your ability to work. The more serious your work injury, the more you need a workers’ compensation lawyer.

NE Workers’ Compensation Benefits for Neck Injuries

Nebraska law requires employers to pay for the treatment of all injuries sustained by workers in the course of their work, and that includes neck injuries. Workers’ compensation benefits can also provide you with income during the times when you are unable to work because of your injury. If your treatment is costly or you are unable to work for an extended period, you can expect some pushback from your employer about covering your expenses. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help you stand up for your rights.

If you have suffered a neck injury at work, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help. Contact Andres Law Offices, PC LLO in Omaha, Nebraska about your case.