Scissor Lift Accidents in Nebraska

The Construction Accident Attorneys to Call When Injured on a Scissor Lift

Scissor lifts are popular pieces of equipment used on many construction sites. There are several types of scissor lifts, but they all share the same basic design, and are probably best described as “mobile scaffolds.” Scissor lifts allow workers to perform important work at high elevation, such as electrical wiring.

Unfortunately, any number of accidents can occur on a scissor lift, especially one that has been negligently operated or improperly maintained. Below, our Omaha construction accident attorneys take a closer look at these accidents.

What are Common Scissor Lift Injuries?

Most injuries are caused by a traumatic blow to the body, especially when a person falls to the ground. At our firm, we have seen workers suffer many serious injuries, including:

Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions

Other injuries can occur when a person gets a body part caught in a part of the machine. Some of these injuries include:

Whatever the injury, victims should seek medical care promptly. An injury is more likely to heal if a person received quick medical attention.

What Causes Scissor Lift Accidents?

There are many reasons why a person could suffer an accident when working on a scissor lift, including:

Do You Have a Legal Claim?

Before you can sue, an injured worker needs to identify the cause of the accident. Workers’ compensation laws in Nebraska prevent most lawsuits against an employer, but there may be other entities to blame.

For example, a scissor lift that has been defectively designed or manufactured is a danger to workers, and the manufacturer can be held responsible. When a lift is inadequately maintained, then the maintenance worker might also be liable. We fully canvass the factual record to determine all parties to blame.

Meet with an Omaha Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Scissor lift accidents leave many workers with serious injuries that prevent them from working and earning a living. If you have been injured, please contact Andres Law Offices, PC LLO today to schedule your consultation.