Types of Injured Workers

No Matter the Industry in Which You Work, if You Have Been Hurt on the Job, Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers can Help

For many workers in Omaha, being injured on the job is not a concern until it is too late. If a workplace injury does occur, knowing what steps to take next can be confusing. Even if you do recognize your right to seek benefits, you may be hesitant about doing so and harbor fears about retaliation from your employer.

At Andres Law Offices, our experienced Omaha workers’ compensation attorneys want you to know that no matter who you are or the type of industry in which you work, if you have been hurt on the job, you have an advocate on your side who is ready to review your case for free and work diligently to get you the compensation you deserve.

Types of Injured Workers Our Law Firm Represents

Our law firm is prepared to represent anyone who is injured while working in Omaha or surrounding areas. Most of our clients are employed in the following industries, although we are ready to represent a worker in any industry in our state:

If you are an employee in an industry not listed above and you are harmed on the job, please do not hesitate to call us for free information about what steps to take next.

Helping You to Understand Your Right to Workers’ Compensation

The right of workers who are harmed while performing work on the job to recover workers’ compensation benefits often varies on an industry-by-industry basis. For example, many truck drivers are misclassified as independent contractors, and therefore may not be considered “employees” by workers’ compensation standards. Additionally, some agricultural employers are exempt from the workers’ compensation coverage requirement.

When you call our law offices, we will help you to understand the rights that pertain to your industry, your specific position of employment, and your worker classification. We can also help you to understand how to file your claim for workers’ compensation, common bars to a full recovery amount and errors that claimants make, and what to do if your workers’ compensation claim is denied.

Call an Experienced Omaha Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Attorney William D. Andres is passionate about protecting the rights of workers in our state, and has dedicated himself to the practice of workers’ compensation law . Andres Law Offices has successfully represented workers throughout Omaha and is prepared to advocate for you.

As soon as possible following a workplace accident, you should call Andres Law Offices to request a free consultation. Consultations are offered at a time and place that are convenient for you. If you decide to hire our law firm, we work on a contingency fee basis, which means you will not owe us a cent if we are unsuccessful at recovering a settlement. Please reach us today by phone or send us a private message at your convenience. We will work hard for you.